Where Is My Order? HyprLoco World Tour 2017

Denver: May 8-12

Los Angeles: May 22-26

Dallas: May 29-June 2

Tampa/Orlando: June 12-16

Imagine knowing when to fire an order based on a guests actual location.

What if your team could prioritize order prep and bagging based on the guests real-time location?

And what if they knew exactly when a where a guest arrived for curbside or in-store pickup?

Of if a loyalty guest was sitting in booth 210…

Seeing is believing and we’re bringing the demonstration to you!

We want to demonstrate HyprLoco to your team live, in-person at your restaurant (or office).

What you’ll see:

  • The restaurant’s dashboard view of real-time location based priority.
  • The restaurant’s view of a guest’s arrival at curbside or in-store.
  • The guest experience of an Uber-ized order.
  • Real-time informative messaging sharing directions and what’s next…
  • Real-time alerts informing the guest of order status or survey.
  • How HyprLoco integrates with your existing ordering platform, loyalty and technology ecosystem

Want us to book us for a gig?  Well, I guess it’s more demonstration than gig. Please don’t take away our rock n’ roll dreams… book us for a gig.

OR if you’d like us to visit a city that’s not currently on the tour, drop a line. We’re tight with the in-flight team at Southwest and we’ve got parachutes.  We’d love to drop in.

World Tour Registration

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