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These days, there are many kinds of styles to try to have an incredible look. One of them is the two strand twists men. This style acquires you to grow longer hair. Yet compared to the braided hair. It is way quicker and easier to do. Moreover, this low maintenance style doesn’t severely affect into your hair. Instead, it allows your hair to grow healthier. If you are interested in knowing more about the two strand twist men hairstyle, ensure to read the explanation below until the end.

Why Are Black Male Hair Twists So Popular?

Black Male Hair Twists

The two strand twist men hairstyle is commonly associated with the black male hairstyles since they grow naturally curly or kinky hair, making it easier to do twist hairstyles. Besides, the black male hair twists usually satisfy results, making it look neater and cool. Combined with Mohawk style or ponytail style, or bleached hair, the two strand twist men become one of the most popular hairstyles that look perfect on many occasions.

Kinds of Two Strand Twist for Guys Hairstyles

Twist for Guys Hairstyles

Do you want to try this twist hairstyle yet don’t have any idea to choose among kinds of hairstyles? Check out some famous twists for guys’ hairstyles below to help you to choose the best style that suits you the most.

  • Twist out hairstyle

Twist out hairstyle looks perfect for those who want to have natural-looking loose twisted hair. To do so, first, do the two strand twist hairstyle that is followed with

  • Twist for medium-length hair

To style a gorgeous hair, try this medium-length hairstyle for a more fresh look. With the medium-length hair, you are able to show the beauty of the twisted hair. For more awesome-looking hair, add some patterns into your hair twisted hair.

  • High top twist

The high top twist looks more classic yet masculine. High top style requires you to shave down all of the hair on both sides and leave the top head to grow longer hair. Then, twist them and put some styles on it. This style suits well for thick hair.

  • Faux Hawk twist

This style is pretty similar to the previous one; however, the Faux Hawk twist tends to make the top side becomes spikey twisted hair. As a result, it looks cool and unique at the same time.

  • Triangle twist

Triangle twist is a hairstyle used to describe the two strand twist men hair that divides the hair into triangle patterns before twisting them. If you are interested, directly tell your stylist to do your hair with this cool twist pattern.

How to Do the Twists Afro?

Twists Afro

For African men, hair styling is not only for a good-looking hair purpose, but it is also to maintain healthy hair. To make their Afro hair becomes simpler, neat, and classy at the same time, there are particular methods they need to apply. To do the twists Afro, divide the hair into several parts and continue with the twisting process. You may either twist each piece separately or combine them to create some other cool twists.

How to Style an Awesome Flat Top Twist?

Flat Top Twist

If you want to have cornrows like hairstyle in twisting methods, then flap top twist may suit your preferred style. The hairstylist will usually begin with similar techniques to do the twisting. However, what makes it different is when it comes to the twisting process, which uses the two strand twist men style instead of the underhand technique.

Do the Two Strand Twist Braids Guys Have Healthy Hair?

Twist Braids Guys

People with curly hair often face problems with tangles and knots, which may damage their hair. As a result, having twisting braids will help them maintain the hair effectively and prevent hair damage. Instead, it functions to maintain healthy hair if it is well-cared.

The Best Short Twisted Hairstyles You Should Try

Short Twisted Hairstyles

To grow hair long takes a long time to do. Thus, with short hair, you are able to have a cool and trendy twisted hairstyle. The short twisted hair looks perfect with a high-top style where you have to shave down the head’s side parts. Then, let the top hair grows a bit longer, around 2 to 4 inches. Then, put on some cool twisting styles into it. Besides, you may also combine it with patterns or taper fade for a more masculine look.

What Is A Comb Two Strand Twist for Men?

Comb Twist for Men

It is a twisting method using a rat tail comb to produce such pretty and natural twisted hair for those who are still new to the term of comb twist. It requires you to twirl each root of the hair using the comb, starting from the root to the tip. Besides, it will last for around two weeks, so that it is a low maintenance hairstyle that is worth trying since it looks neat and excellent when it is done!

Things You Should Know About the Fade with Twists

Fade with Twists

Twisted hair is already a cool style to apply. To make it look more stylish, you may combine it with the fade with twists style. There are so many kinds of fade styles you should try, and one of them is the tape fade twists, which allow the addition of temper fade around your temples. If you dare to show off some cool and different hairstyles, this is a highly recommended one you should try.

Tips to Take Care of The Curly Twist Men Hairstyle

Curly Twist Men

As mentioned before, the hair twisting provides many kinds of advantages. It is not only to make you look cooler and trendy, but it is also good to maintain neat and healthy hair. Therefore, you should wear some twisted hair care products to prevent your hair from any damages. Besides, wash and clean the hair regularly. Ensure to apply some hair oil or aloe into your twisted hair.

So, if you want to change into a new hairstyle with one of the two strand twist men styles above, ensure to call your stylist to do your new hair soon. Additionally, don’t forget to take good care of healthier hair.

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