How does HYPRLOCO work for me?

Norm Car

A customer orders ahead by calling, ordering online or using the restaurant’s app.

Norm Devices

HYPRLOCO supports every way your customer interacts with your business.

Norm Restaurant

HYPRLOCO is notified that an order is in queue.

Norm Phone Locations

HYPRLOCO goes to work monitoring your customers position relative to your business location.

Norm Pizza

Based on your unique prep-time, your staff is alerted to start making the meal for just-in-time pickup.

Norm Car

HYPRLOCO is smart, factoring numerous customer travel time variables like, traffic, weather, and route.

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When the customer is the optimal time away, the staff is alerted to make the drinks and finalize the order.

Norm Restaurant

HYPRLOCO is customizable to your businesses unique timelines and pace.

Norm Delivery

As the customers arrives, you greet them by name and deliver their meal hot and fresh whether it’s drive-thru, curbside or in-store pickup.

Norm Customer Experience

HYPRLOCO offers your customer the “Best Day Ever” experience, increasing loyalty, frequency and customer retention.

Norm Data

Over time your business can view reports on where your customers order and how they navigate to your business.

Norm Data2

HYPRLOCO remembers every customer’s order location & route allowing you to pick advertising locations to trigger increased buying behavior.

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