CNBC recently ran their look at how Starbucks stumbled with their mobile ordering and pickup service. In it they looked at solutions ranging from different hiring and re-configuring stores which are, at best, band-aids on deeper problems. They also looked at a technological solution leveraging payment options and loyalty programs. It is these last two where there can be any real progress made at leveraging mobile order into a successful service. It should be noted, that Starbucks is actively looking for a solution to this problem. So far, they just haven’t been able to find the right solution to solve their mobile ordering logjam.

An example of a semi-successful adoption of mobile order through utilizing the above lessons would be Chipotle who have managed to cut their wait time by as much as 50%. By leveraging a combination of hiring additional staff and ingredient stations with a more precise solution to order influx, they have managed to more accurately predict when food will be ready for their customers. The downside to this solution? It is still not solving a host of the issues ranging from how far away customers are to when they arrive at the store. That solution has not been integrated into the current suite of products currently at Chipotle’s disposal.

Let’s take a dive into the realm of mobile order pick-up solutions and how it is an ever evolving space. Register for the upcoming Webinar on March 1.

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