“HYPRLOCO is one of the most innovative companies we have come across that are always eager to push the boundaries of technology to transform customer service in hospitality.”

Filip Eldic

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Bluedot Innovation

HYPRLOCO delivers the “Best Day Ever” experience by partnering with some of the most technologically advanced and innovative companies in the restaurant space.

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Partners Being Sought Out:


Digital Ordering (Online and Mobile)
Call Centers
Loyalty Platforms
3rd Party Delivery
Digital Signage



HYPRLOCO was one of the earliest adopters of Bluedot’s technology. Constantly driven by the desire to deliver the best customer experience, HYPRLOCO always pushes the boundaries on what is considered possible in technology.

Instead of asking why, they always ask why not and why not us?

HYPRLOCO is a part of the new generation of companies that go beyond any single component of a customer experience, be it technology, data or customer engagement. By understanding customer needs and behavior, understanding when and where to interact with the customer and by engaging with them in the best possible manner, they are able to drive the best service a customer can expect. Most importantly their ability to connect this with internal business processes makes them invaluable when considering how to improve a business’ line management and bottom line.

– Filip Eldic, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Bluedot Innovation


We partnered with HYPRLOCO to create a game-changing location intelligence application for the restaurant space. They were responsive to every request and detail and their service is exemplary. They have an incredible command of the technology and more importantly have seamlessly synchronized it with the restaurant staff and guests.

– Steve Bigari, CEO of Synq3

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