Real-Time Guest Engagement:

Beyond Legacy Loyalty Programs

Traditional loyalty programs were once the only option to influence guest behavior… now that mobile technology, bandwidth and data have evolved so rapidly, far more wildly compelling options exist.

Every 10th purchase is free? Not so fast. How about a truly amazing, next-generation experience without the discount..

With machine learning and AI technology evolving in conjunction with our dependence on mobile devices; loyal behavior influence may be taking a new shape that’s far more meaningful than simple discounts or rewards.

The most creative, innovative brands are embracing something far more powerful than discounting in trade for behavior.

Real-life, Real-time experience.

Join us for this 40 minute webcast where we’ll discuss:

  • What does real-time guest engagement look like- mobile wallets, behavioral geolocation, conversational ordering, Uber-ization
  • What today’s innovators are doing to create loyal relationships
  • How location and economics are intertwined

Join: Jamie Bucciarelli, VP of Sales at HyprLoco and Travis Johnson, Co-founder of Foodjunky
When: April 27, 2017 @ 12:00ET(9:00PT)

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P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for HyprLoco’s World Tour 2017. Coming to LA, Dallas, Orlando/Tampa and more cities to come!

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