It all started with a cup of coffee.

Ten years ago, my friend and co-founder Damon Baker imagined an app that would shorten his morning commute, and order his usual favorite latte before stepping out of his car.  

At the same time, he envisioned a technology tool that could help him understand the ways his family spent their time and manage the most important daily tasks with ease. How could he better anticipate his wife’s needs, know her favorite shops, and help make daily shopping easier and even make planning special surprise for her more thoughtful and personalized.

With all of that in mind, he began to build a model for what would eventually become HyprLoco, the company we founded together in 2014. HyprLoco is real time intelligence platform balancing consumer and locational intelligence to make any retail experience smarter, more efficient, and more personalized.

After years of building a model and developing the tech, Damon and I teamed up to build a front-to-back platform that would deliver real-time information to retailers about who their customers are, where they are, and why they are coming into a storefront.

Having both served overseas in the U.S. Military, Damon and I aren’t your typical startup founders. Damon is a self-taught coder who served in the Marine Corps as an Infrared Data Tech. He took a two-week coding class while in the Marines, but that is the extent of his formal coding education. He applied concepts from his maritime training in the Corps when conceptualizing and designing the HyprLoco platform.

I served in Iraq, and began to think about the sort of location based intel that would eventually become HyprLoco while conducting combat operations in the Middle East. Knowing who was in a building, where they were, and whether they were friend or foe was a matter of life or death. When I saw what Damon was already beginning to create, I saw locational intelligence through a whole new lens. Applying these tactical lessons to a retail or service environment is a paradigm shift.
HyprLoco isn’t being used to fight enemy combatants, but it takes tactical military concepts and principles and puts them to use in a commercial environment. Using real-time intelligence, HyprLoco allows companies to provide a better customer experience. Using  strategies learned on the front lines of Iraq it enables companies to learn faster and to ensure that every consumer feels like a VIP.

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