Wondering if NORM can really do all that it promises? Hear from our partners, currently using NORM in their establishments, about NORM’s effectiveness and how it can impact your bottom line. HyprLoco’s platform can increase the speed and efficiency of your curbside, drive-thru and mobile order pickup. Here’s the proof:


 “If your concept doesn’t allow curbside you can actually put this at a door so when they open the door and come in, you know that that person who placed the to-go order is inside your building. You can start getting ready for it… and that becomes a beautiful thing, too.” – Richard Osborn, President of Southwest Deli Group, #1 Franchise Group of McAlister’s Deli.

“I really do think that this technology is going to be everywhere… HyprLoco has it and it does work. We are getting notifications. We are seeing an increase in speed. We are seeing an increase in effectiveness to greet a first-time guest.” Matt Luis, IT Support of Southwest Deli Group.

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