Fast casual restaurant cuts order times at its Texas location by using HyprLoco and Bluedot Innovation

Denver, Colo. — Imagine walking into a restaurant and before you even cross the threshold the server knows your name, your order, and exactly where to find you. A guarantee of customer service and greater satisfaction can follow out-of-the-box thinking and new innovations. That is exactly the service integration adopted by McAlister’s Deli in Texas over the last few weeks, and the invention and heightened interactions have been met with startling success.

McAlister’s Deli was able to shave precious minutes off ordering process by using a groundbreaking solution by location-aware HyprLoco and location services platform Bluedot Innovation.

“I really think this technology is going to be everywhere… HyprLoco has it and it works,” said Matt Luis, IT lead of Southwest Deli Group, a top performing franchise group of McAlister’s Deli. “We are getting notifications, we are seeing an increase in speed, we are seeing an increase in our effectiveness to greet a first-time guest.”

San Francisco–based Bluedot Innovation shared details of its closely guarded partnership with HyprLoco this week, revealing key insights into the future of restaurant service.

“Precise location technology is reshaping the quick serve restaurant model to provide an even faster and more convenient experience,” says Emil Davityan, Co-Founder of Bluedot Innovation. “We’re excited to partner with Hyprloco so we can harness the power of location to both enhance the customer experience and improve operational efficiency for fast casual restaurants.”

Combining advanced analytics and precise geofencing, the partnership provides critical analytics to quick-serve and fast-casual restaurants in real time.

Denver-based HyprLoco’s technology lives inside of existing mobile applications used by restaurants. The tools can be integrated with ease and used with little training. “Long lines and cold food frustrate restaurant staff and guests alike” said Nic Gray, CEO of HyprLoco. “On the other hand, happy guests are return guests. HyprLoco’s location intelligence solution, combined with Bluedot’s geo-location service, provides restaurants  with an unrivaled tool to better understand their guests and deliver top-notch service with every single order. By making the process of ordering and pickup more efficient, we help make sure guests walk out raving fans.”

Venture-backed HyprLoco has worked on this technology solution for roughly two (?)  years. Founded by military veterans, Damon Baker and Nic Gray, the company has been recognized in Inc. Magazine, Stars & Stripes, 5280 and ColoradoBiz Magazine. “The team is extraordinary, Nic is a tremendous leader, and Damon built an amazing product” said Chris Bissonette, a Vancouver based venture-capitalist and HyprLoco’s lead investor.

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About HyprLoco

HyprLoco is a software innovation company that powers intelligent environments. HyprLoco’s products provide consumer intelligence to businesses to be able to better understand their customers needs and serve them with customized attention.

About Bluedot Innovation
Bluedot Innovation offers a high accuracy and battery-friendly location service platform, enabling brands to harness the power of location to drive mobile purchases and engagement, build audience profiles and analyze behavior throughout their journey. Using patented Geoline™ technology, Bluedot’s customers can map out physical locations with ultra-thin tripwires or 5-meter geofences. Our innovative location services are 20 times more accurate than Google and can scale to millions of locations.

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