Easy Pilot

Guest Pain

I placed my order, now what?

I hope my food is warm and fresh when I arrive?

How does this work when I arrive? Where is Curbside? Where is the in-store pickup counter? How do they know it’s me?

It takes 7 minutes to complete an order that I already placed!

This pickup process is chaotic!

It’s my responsibility to coordinate my arrival with food prep time!

Restaurant Pain

How do we prioritize this wave of orders?

When should I fire an order for optimal freshness?

Which guests are close by?

Which guests are in the parking lot?

Has that guest arrived at curbside?

What vehicle are they in?

When should I bag an order and prepare drinks?


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The HyprLoco Pilot

Orders are released to the kitchen staff at the optimal firing time

Optimal firing time flattens order spikes

Front of the house staff is aware of guest’s location and can prioritize which orders to bag and prepare for pickup

Food runners are aware of guests arriving at curbside or drive-thru for just-in-time delivery

The restaurant has reduced its service time and impact from ordering spikes leading to increased throughput

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